United Methodist Communications
Saturday, May 21, 2022

From a static site to a dynamic ministry site!

Visit the First United Methodist Church Tulsa Oklahoma Web site

We are very happy with E-zekiel. Before we moved to this solution our site was static and seldom updated.

Ezekiel allows us to use the site as a ministry tool. By keeping it updated regularly we are able to extend and promote the daily ministry of the church. As a downtown church, many of our congregants live a good distance from the campus. We use the Web to keep people informed and connected. E-zekiels simplicity allowes us to train multiple people to update the site. As a result, we remove the bottleneck of one "Webmaster" updating all of the information. The Web site now serves us well in our mission to develop "Fully Committed Followers of Christ".

Marcia L. Wright
Network Administrator
First United Methodist Church
Tulsa, OK 74119