United Methodist Communications
Saturday, May 21, 2022

Zero to Sixty in less than Sixty Days!

Visit the Windsor Village UMC Web site

To use a sports car analogy, we went from zero to sixty in less than sixty days using the e-zekiel tool. We wanted a Web site
that was useful both as an external ministry tool for people who wanted to learn more about who we are as a church and as an internal ministry tool that would allow ministries to operate more efficiently and effectively. Initially, we thought we would have to customize a system that would meet our needs. The cost would have been astronomical.

Thanks to Chuck Russell of United Methodist Communications, we were introduced to E-zekial and Details Communications, who we subsequently hired to do the custom design of our site. It was important for us to have a site that was warm, friendly and familiar. The way we achieved that was by using photos of some of our members. The ability to update our own information, even add html code to certain pages is a plus for us. Bottom line, we've just scratched the service of how the use of E-zekiel will benefit our ministry in the years to come.

Irv White
Director of Marketing
Windsor Village United Methodist Church
Houston, Texas