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Saturday, May 21, 2022

A powerful tool that empowered a ministry.

Germantown Baptist Church Has High Hopes for New Web Site

Grant Guffin showed up at Germantown Baptist Church (GBC) in the spring of 2001 fresh from his stint as a producer at CBN. His first assignment was to get his arms around an expansive and somewhat disconnected communications enterprise. While Grant's expertise is video and film production, he knew that any communications strategy adequate for a 21st Century church had to include the Internet.

Grant also saw the potential impact an effective Internet strategy could have on the stewardship of resources devoted to communication. That's where he got bold.

Since GBC moved to their new campus more than six years ago, a monthly publication ("At Home") had been central to the church's communication strategy. Along with "At Home" GBC has relied on a Sunday worship guide stuffed full of ministry inserts, an array of various ministry mailouts, and a less-than-effective Web site for congregational communication.

A new direction started to become clear in the fall of 2001 and work began on GBC's new Web site. Grant had discovered the simple-yet-robust technology that is making E-zekiel the Web site creation solution of choice for churches and organizations of all sizes and shapes. E-zekiel would empower Grant and his staff along with others in the GBC staff and congregation to "seize control" of their Web site: GBConline.

Employing E-zekiel technology would make possible a variety of high-end Web site features:

  • Pages targeted to specific groups.
  • Audio (and even video) sermons easily included within the site.
  • Secure pages for staff and other leadership groups.
  • Polls to secure feedback.
  • Integration with the church's calendar and facilities management application.

Grant tapped the creative resources of E-zekiel's parent company, Details Communications to develop the Web site structure, content, and design. (Details produced "At Home" and provides various consultative and creative services to GBC.) The result is a highly interactive and communicative Web site.

The site went live in January 2002 and is already proving to be the strategic element of GBC's communications efforts.