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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Custom Web Designs by Details Communications


Why a custom designed Web Site? Details specializes in creating custom web site designs for churches of all sizes. We provide you a web design solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs and at affordable prices.

Are there different custom Web design options? Yes, Details understands there are churches of varying sizes and needs for their web ministry. We have various design packages that offer design features and pricing levels for any sized church.


Does Details connect our custom web design to E-Zekiel? Yes, Details takes the coding headache away from the church. We do it all for you. We’ll design the site that meets your needs and then provide the programming so all you have to worry about is managing content and when to launch your site. It provides your web ministry the flexibility and custom impact it needs.


What is the process for a custom Web site design? Details has processes that benefit your stretched time as a staff member or volunteer of a church. Our goal is to provide the understanding of the stages of our development process that removes the questions and unknowns you might have.


What is the quality of the custom web site designs offered by Details? We strive for excellence, as you would expect us to. Our custom web designs are intended to raise the standards for your web ministry and more importantly connect to more people within the church and community.


Show me examples of custom web sites by Details?

Canterbury United Methodist, AL www.canterburyumc.org

Covenant United Methodist, NC www.connect2covenant.org

First United Methodist Tuscaloosa, AL www.fumct.org

Brentwood United Methodist, TN www.bumc.net


How can we learn more about Details’ custom web site designs? Details is ready to listen to your needs and expectations and then provide you options for your custom web design solution. Give us a call at 800.231.3857x6110 or email us at info@detailscom.com. We look forward to considering the opportunities for your web ministry reach and impact.

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