United Methodist Communications
Saturday, September 18, 2021

Quick Tour

Quick and Easy Setup

The five levels of E-zekiel provide you with as few as 10 pages or as many as 100. Four pages are common to all E-z levels: Home, Events, Contact, and Search. You name your other pages according to your needs. With each level comes more tools, managers, capabilities, and possibilities for customization to assist you in developing a site which effectively communicates with your users. 

Getting Started...
  1. Log into http://umc.e-zekiel.com
  2. Click on "Manage Your Site" 
  3. Enter your site ID, user name and password
  4. Choose a look for your site using the Design Manager
  5. Input content for your pages or copy and paste from your current site using the Site Manager or Events Manager
  6. Place or transfer photos and graphics on various pages with ease


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